About Us


(403) 227-5626

(403) CAR-LOAN is the Premier Provider of Auto Loans for People with Bad Credit in Calgary. We have Financed Countless People of all Credit Types:

  • No Credit
  • Bad Credit
  • Divorce
  • Repos
  • First-time Buyers
  • Bankruptcy
  • Subcontractor
  • Insurance Disability
  • Late Payments
  • Old Age Security
  • 9 SIN #
  • AISH

We Understand the Credit Problems and Struggles of people who do not Qualify for a Loan Elsewhere. That’s why we made it a Mission to Provide High-Risk Clients auto Financing that Other Lenders Cannot Provide. This is Exactly what makes us Different.

Hassle-Free Loan Application Process + Selection of Vehicles of All Makes & Models

We are Known in Alberta for our Hassle-Free Loan Application Process. Once you Submit your Online Application, you Receive the Results within 60 seconds – or less. We’ve Worked Endlessly to make the Approval Process as Fast, Secure, and Convenient as Possible, and no other Dealerships and Financial Institutions in Alberta can Compete with how fast our Process is.

We also have a Range of Vehicles at your Disposal, Ensuring that you find one that not only Suits your Needs, but also fits your Loan.

To put it Simply, Customer Satisfaction and Vehicle Quality are of Utmost Importance to Us